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The Cast Guide

Kaga Takeshi
Chairman of the Gourmet Academy

Kaga plays the eccentric and rich gourmet, who lives in a magnificent castle with his Iron Chefs. His lifelong goal is to seek out the best and most exquisite dishes in the world. He wears wonderfully sequined and satin outfits that look a lot like Liberace's wardrobe. Kaga is a seasoned actor who starred as the first Japanese "Tony" in West Side Story in 1977 and the first Japanese "Jesus" in Jesus Christ Superstar in 1976. He has also been on the PBS special with the international cast of Les Misérables and in the red cast of the 1994 Japanese production of Les Misérables, he played Jean Valjean. Kaga is the only actor in the show while everyone else is a sportscaster or knowledgeable food expert.

Fukui Kenji
Main Announcer

Fukui, the first announcer introduced as the battle begins, is the main voice that guides the entire show. He does many of the voice-overs such as speaking at the start of the show and asking that inevitable question, "Who will win this battle?" before the announcement of the victor. When Ohta needs to make a point he asks Fukui for permission to speak. Fukui does many of the recap voice-overs as well as the description of the dishes.

Ohta Shinichiro
Sidelines Reporter

Ohta is the quick talking reporter on the sidelines and provides information to Fukui, Hattori, and guest commentators. Usually, when the commentators are questioning about the ingredients the competitors use, Ohta will often ask permission from Fukui to speak ("Fukui-san?"), which is very prevalent in Japanese mannerisms. Ohta has assistance from the stage hands to track what dishes are being prepared, but only Ohta reports it directly to Fukui. Ohta also interviews the chefs after the hour of cooking to get their impressions on how the dishes came out.

Dr. Hattori Yukio
Culinary Expert Announcer

Dr. Hattori Yukio is the culinary expert, and he runs the Hattori School of Nutrition. He is the final announcer introduced and interjects a lot of insight into the dishes being created and helps educate the viewers about culinary techniques.

The Iron Chefs Guide

Morimoto Masaharu
Iron Chef Japanese III

The highly acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Nobu, co-owned by Robert DeNiro, is home to the Head Chef, Morimoto Masaharu. Nobu has remained the top Japanese restaurant since its opening in 1994 according to the Zagat Survey of New York City Restaurants. Morimoto made his start as a sushi chef in 1985 where he quickly had many admirers of his work such as Whitney Houston and Sylvester Stallone. He is the chef who is known as the Silver Iron Chef Japanese and he wears a diamond stud earring in his left ear. He is the only Iron Chef who does not have a restaurant in Japan itself as he hails from New York. His outfit is unique as it has a nicely stitched and stylized American flag on the back.

Kobe Masahiko
Iron Chef Italian

Under the wise master chef, Annie Feolde owner of Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, Italy, Master Chef Kobe Masahiko was taught the perfection of true Italian cuisine. Kobe is the unique one in presentation of the Iron Chef as he rises to his separate pedestal along with a full orchestra(!) playing a very Italian piece of music. He wears a red, green and white outfit (red, green and white are the colors of Italy) and holds a single tomato in his left hand.

Sakai Hiroyuki
Iron Chef French

Sakai Hiroyuki is the Master Chef at La Rochelle located on the 32nd floor of a building in Tokyo. The restaurant's name is from a city in France where Sakai spent time. He is the second Iron Chef French and wears the red chef outfit. He carries a pear in his left hand, which is used profusely in French cuisine. He is known as "Delacroix of French cuisine" because of the beautiful presentation of his dishes.

Chen Kenichi
Iron Chef Chinese

Chen Kenichi has a famous restaurant, Chen's Akasaka Restaurant where he is the Master Chef. He learned his craft from his father Chen Kenmin who was known for his sauce. He uses his trademark hot chili bean sauce in his stir fry dishes. Chen wears the yellow chef outfit with a small tassel on the hat and carries a Chinese knife in his left hand. He is the only Iron Chef who has been with the show since the beginning in 1993.




Iron Chef

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