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2002-2003 Project .hack

Distributed by
Bandai Entertainment

Release Info
Ver. 01: Login
Bilingual DVD
Dolby Digital
Run Time: 125 min
MSRP: $29.98
Catalog #: 2210
Street Date: April 23, 2003



Tsukasa is a Wave-Master (a wizard-like character type in “The World”) who awakens to find that not only can he not log out, but he also now has all five senses inside the game. Tsukasa is reclusive from other players in the game, because of the few memories of a cruel life in the real world. Despite how cold he may act, Tsukasa has a good heart.


Mimiru is a Heavy-Blade (a warrior-like player who carries a broad sword) and the first to stumble onto Tsukasa. Mimiru is persistent, often to the point of being annoying, especially to Tsukasa. However, her desire to do the right thing, her persistence, and her curiosity lead her to be one of Tsukasa’s strongest allies.


Bear often joins Mimiru’s party and through her, meets Tsukasa. Bear’s calm demeanor and keen intellect help him unravel the mystery of Tsukasa’s reality and assist the party in “The World”. With Bear’s fatherly attitude, it comes as no surprise that he is the eldest party member.


Gentle Subaru is the head and cofounder of the player faction, the Crimson Knights, despite the fact that she abhors fighting. Subaru tries to resolve conflicts diplomatically and is understanding of others’ feelings. Upon meeting Tsukasa, she feels much empathy for him, possibly feeling like a prisoner in her life as well as he does. Subaru plays in “The World” often and leaves reality behind her.

Silver Knight

The head knight of the Crimson Knights, Silver Knight is arrogant and hot-tempered. After being defeated by Tsukasa’s guardian, Silver Knight labels Tsukasa as an outlaw player in “The World” and ferociously looks to bring Tsukasa to “justice”. However, Silver Knight has a soft-spot for Subaru.


BT is often seen hanging around Bear and Mimiru. She is deceitful and cool, but looks for a group to belong in as much as the others. BT often retrieves information for other characters in the game.


Goofy and childish Sora is also a deadly Player Killer. He can often be seen singing and bouncing around “The World” with a simple smile, however Sora is actually ruthless and coy. He also retrieves information for other characters, even if he has to kill to get it.


Crim is the other cofounder of the Crimson Knights, although he parted from the group long ago. Crim is headstrong, but considerate of others, especially Subaru. Crim sees “The World” is a form of play and rest and sometimes becomes frustrated with the fact that he is entangled in something bigger.


Aura is the mysterious sleeping girl in Tsukasa’s secret location. Why she cannot awake and who she is are a mystery.


Morgana is the name given to the ominous voice that guides Tsukasa.


Helba is the hacker who often slips information to Bear and the others.



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