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So, what’s the Super News?

News about superheroes, of course.

My definition of superheroes is broader than what you’re probably used  to. Besides the traditional Marvel and DC heroes, I’ll also be taking a look at heroes from Japanese franchises, like Street Fighter, Battle of the Planets, and Lupin III. All of these toys are available here in the states at your favorite toy/comic book retailer.


Diamond Select Toys has posted these images of the Modern Era X-men Wolverine Statue, which should be available in comic stores now.

Nice face sculpt. Too bad the arm hair looks like dirt.  All in all, this is a nice statue, very realistic. And proof that if superheroes were real, they’d be laughed at more than feared, because of their costumes. Except Superman. You’re a retard if you laugh in a 6’5, 250 lb. guy’s face.


On the heels of the domestic release of  Lupin Wave 1 (which included Lupin, Jigen, and Fujiko), Diamond Comics has announced a second wave of 12-inch figures from the popular anime and manga, Lupin III.

Never heard of Lupin? He’s the worlds greatest thief and a master of disguise who always conspires to steal high profile treasures… and the heart of Fujiko Mine, a rival scoundrel. Aided by his friends Goemon and Jigen, Lupin travels the world, staying one step ahead of INTERPOL’s Inspector Zenigata. You can read up on his exploits in the manga from Tokyopop, or you can catch him on TV 4 nights a week on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim.” Good stuff.

Wave 2 features Goemon, Inspector Zenigata, and a second Fujiko.

Inspector Zenigata comes with his trademark Fedora, Colt M1911A1 pistol, and a permanent scowl.

Goemon comes with his Ishiwaka sword and sandals.

Fujiko is a deluxe figure. She has 3 outfits a Browning pistol, and a figure stand. Oh yeah. They made her boobies out of a plush material. This will be the figure everyone wants, but won’t admit it. Except me.

If you’ve never owned a Medicom figure, grab one of these. They have great articulation and the likenesses are spot-on. Hardcore fans who wanted these figures paid $70+… IF they managed to find them. At $29.99 apiece for Zenigata and Goemon, and $70 for Fujiko, they’re a steal.


Did you get your hands on the new DC Direct Justice League figure set? If not, you might be SOL.

Four of the five new figures in the JLA set have sold out at DC’s warehouse. These figures should be available now at your local comic book store or favorite online retailer. If you think you want them, don’t hesitate. DC doesn’t plan to make another run of these figures.

Who are the sold out figures? Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, and… Aquaman? Who wants Aquaman? He’s garbage.

I never understood Aquaman’s popularity. He’s not super-strong. He can’t fly. All he does is ride around on a sea horse and talk to fish. On top of all that, he can’t command fish to do anything. He can only strongly suggest that the fish do something. That means he can’t say “Hey, carp, I command you to go bite the ankles of the kid making doody in the lake.” He has to ask. What’s super-heroic about that?


A new company called High Dream has picked up the Street Fighter toy license from the now-defunct toy company Resaurus. Their first series of video game figures will focus on the SNK v. Capcom franchise and consists of  Ken, Ryu, Iori, Kyo, Mai Shiranui and Chun-Li. Figures.com has been kind enough to post some prototypes, shown above.

Pretty neat, huh? Remember, these are prototypes. Articulation has yet to be added to the figures in the pictures. Series 1 is expected to ship this March.

High Dream is also coming out with a line of 12 inchers.
EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW. Those heads look enormous. Luckily, Terry Bogard’s head is hidden by his hat. I love Terry Bogard. The shoulders on Ken, Ryu, and Terry need to be much bigger. Iori looks right, but he’s supposed to be thinner.  Regardless, I’ll probably wind up getting Terry Bogard anyway.


Every week, we’ll scour the message boards and toy sites to find a super deal on a cool toy, then pass it on to you guys.

Our deal this week is at Toyzz.com, Jonna Dark in her Original Outfit.

A couple years back, BBI, distributors of Cy Girls, Elite Forces, and several other figure lines, came out with this Joanna Dark figure. She used to retail for $24.99, but Toyzz.com is offering the figure for only $5.99! That’s a steal for a BBI figure. They all feature excellent articulation, head sculpts, and accessories. Apply the coupon BUYLOTS to take 30% off of your order. Toyzz.com has high shipping costs, so using the coupon will definitely help to lower your order total.

As for the last member of the Toy Triangle, Mikel… He’ll have something in this space next month.



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