by James Alsup III

Gantz. It’s Guyver with vegetables.

The Players:

  • Kei – The Hero
  • Katou – His friend
  • Goro – The bad guy
  • Kishimoto – The big tittied girl. Hey, that’s what they call her in the dub.

Volume 1: Game of Death

  • The theme song is catchy. I like it.
  • Wow. The traditional anime first episode. Let me guess. Reluctant hero saves girl?
  • Nah. Reluctant hero is a pervert. This might be interesting.
  • Old bum falls on the tracks. Kei sees his old friend Katou, who asks him to help pull the old bum off the tracks before the train comes.
    I thought Japan was a technologically advanced nation. Shouldn’t they have cameras in the subway in case of a mugging, or a medical emergency, or an OLD BUM FALLING ON THE TRACKS?!?!?
  • The friends get whisked away to this room with a black ball. It plays music. And it has weapons. And black jumpsuits.
  • They are soon joined by a couple of gangsters, a teacher, and a dog. What is this you have me watching, Tim?
  • OK… now a naked girl with big boobies shows up. And everyone wants her. Yawn.
    I ain’t sayin’ this wouldn’t happen in real life, but it’s cliché.
  • Gangster likes her…
  • And attacks her, but Katou stops him.
  • Waitaminit. Ain’t Kei supposed to be the hero? Why didn’t he jump in. Oh. He’s the brooding hero.
    I hated the brooding hero when it was in vogue during the Gundam Wing Phase.
    What was the name of the pilot of the Wing Gundam? Treize?  No. That was the wannabe Char. Heero Yuy. That’s him. He was a fruit. So is Kei.
  • OK. Now they all have weapons, and they’re out hunting aliens.
  • And the alien looks like an onion.
  • What the hell does Tim have me watching?
  • All these people are chasing the onion boy, who is begging them in onionese to stop chasing him.
    You know, if started seeing shit like walking onions, I’d wonder if I was high, not dead.
  • Oop. The Gangsters just got the onion.
    And his big brother shows up. The big brother looks more like broccoli than an onion.  Regardless, he ain’t too happy.
    He kills everyone. Except Kei, Katou, and the girl with the Big Babylons.
  • Did the creator have a food fetish or something?
Gantz Vol. 1: Game of Death
Hiroya Oku, Shueisha, Gantz Partners
Distributed by
ADV Films
Release Info
Volume 1
Episodes 1-2
Bilingual DVD
Dolby Digital 5.1 Eng./2.0 Jap.
16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Run Time: 50 min

MSRP: $29.98
Street Date: Feb 8, 2005