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Piro and Largo were just trying to get into E3. When the trip goes bad, the two of them end up hopping a plane to Japan and, after an encounter with some of the stores in Tokyo, they find themselves stranded without a way home. See Japan through the eyes of Piro and Largo as they go though life trying to get home, battling evil and falling in love. It's the online manga turned print smash hit, Megatokyo!
by Timothy Georgi

Short thoughts for the world this month. The original topic for this month was put on a back burner so we could look at something from the "Wow" file. It's time to examine the concept of Japanese cultural invasion on the American cartoon market with Lost in Translation?
by Timothy Georgi


In the future, the world is ruled over by a federation of 12 corporations. Amongst the populations of the world are psychics known as E's, capable of nearly anything. An E's named Kai has joined up with the military forces of Ashurum while they care for his younger sister. Join Kai as he discoveres the mysteries of Ashurum in E'S Otherwise
by Michelle Villanueva


Yep, all of us are getting old. James take a little trip down memory lane with our Editor, Tim as we muse on an age old question: Has Anime Fandom Passed Me By?.
by James Alsup III

One big game just wasn't enough for this guy. Mario's bad alter-ego Wario returns on the new Nintendo DS with an addictive set of mini-games in the smash hit video game, WarioWare Touched!.
by Michael Moore

Demons and fighting. It's a tried and true mixture of the world of Devil May Cry, and in the third installment of the series, we follow the adventures of half-demon, half-human Dante in Devil May Cry 3!.
by Michael Moore

We've got mail. Ok, it's one letter, but one is better than none. Of course, we like to know how we're doing. We also like to answer questions. Let us know inside the Ionfuse Letterbox!

We have some great stuff on schedule for next issue. Come with us and take a look at more anime, manga and other goodies. You can find out what's coming in our May issue on IONext.

Misaki Kureha is an army cadet heading into the unknown. She's been chosen to take part in a fight for the known universe at the deep space outpost Watcher's Nest, but she doesn't know it... yet. Take a trip into another dimension and back in the mysterious and dark anime, Divergence Eve.
by Timothy Georgi
Sandman and the Earthgertz crew are back, ready to save the earth from the Zeravire invaders. But there's a new team on the block as the government tries thier hand at Gravion technology. Can the Earth be saved with two groups battling for the glory? Find out in the follow-up series, Gravion Zwei!
by Michelle Vilanueva
Something new for Ionfuse. Take a freeform look at one of the latest, most controversial series in the anime world today, Gantz. James provides his Braindump on Volume 1 and Volume 2, in a way only he can. Beware the language on this one, the series is, after all, rated TV MA and so is the review.
by James Alsup III