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Ken Iyadomi, Executive Vice President of Bandai Entertainment, Inc. announced at Anime Expo 99 that the popular anime series "Vision of Escaflowne" is currently being produced into a full-length animated motion picture. The production is a joint venture involving companies in three countries. The movie is being produced by Sunrise and Bandai Visual in Japan, and co-produced by A.F.D.F, a Korean company and Bandai Entertainment, Inc. in the United States.

The feature film, "Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea," is scheduled for release in the year 2000 and maintains the unique concept from the original television series but on an even larger scale. However, the storyline is completely new and original, so audiences are not required to be familiar with the television series.

Bandai and Sunrise have reassembled the team that created the original series for the production of the feature film. (The staff list as it is known at time of publication is at the bottom of the page.)

Also, Mr. Iyadomi announced the production of a dubbed version of the original television series, "Vision of Escaflowne" scheduled for release in they year 2000 for the North American home video market. Be sure to check back to @anime! for further news on the advancements in the Escaflowne movie in the future.

Vision of Escaflowne
©Sunrise, Bandai Visual.
All rights reserved.

The Story

The story is set in a world called Gaea, a planet where Earth can be seen in the night sky. On Gaea, the Tribe of the Black Dragon begins invading other territories, seeking to conquer and rule the planet.

Young prince Van's country is one of those destroyed by the Black Dragon. Enraged by the invasion, this descendant of the white-winged Dragon fights against the Black Dragon and attempts to save Gaea. Van comes under the protection of Abaharaki, the rule of a neighboring country that also opposes the Black Dragon. But Van is a maverick and a loner, and never opens up to anyone around him.

Now, the Black Dragon has discovered a terrible weapon. They have a dragon armor that, during the ancient wars, is believed to have burned all of Gaea. The Black Dragon plans to excavate and resurrect this powerful weapon. In order to prevent the Black Dragon from attaining such extraordinary power, Abaharaki attacks.

Meanwhile on Earth, there is a girl who wants to disappear. Hitomi has been hurt and seems to have lost her will to live. When her attitudes ends up hurting her best friend, Hitomi becomes completely disgusted with herself. "I wish I could just vanish ...."

As if an answer to her prayer, she hears a voice. A mysterious power takes Hitomi away from Earth and leads her to Gaea. What will Hitomi see in this strange world? Total destruction or rebirth? Hitomi has no clue that she is the key to shaping the destiny of this world.

And now, the other key to the Gaea, the legendary dragon armor, resurrects in from of Van.

The legendary white armor .... Its name is Escaflowne.

Main Staff

Created by
Yadate Hajime
Kawamori Shouji
Akane Kazuki
Yamaguchi Ryouta
Akane Kazuki
Kanno Yoko
Mizoguchi Hajime
Character Design/Animation Director
Yuuki Nobuteru
Mechanical Design
Yamane Kimitoshi
Art Design
Takeba Shingo
Art Director
Higashi Junichi
Color Key
Nakayama Shihoko
Animation Director
Ohsaka Hiroshi
Mecha Director
Sano Hirotoshi
Produced by
Production in cooperation with
Presented by
Co-produced by

Look for Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea in theaters in the year 2000.



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