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Damn those t-t-timeslips...

Or getting back into the swing of things.


Time has seemingly gotten away from me again. With the convention season approaching fast, things tend to get thrown off. I have a pile of convention related work in the "pre-season" time that things have a tendency to slide. (Like keeping up on these editorials.)

My first con of the season is coming up, the one that takes up more space in my life than any other, Anime Central. With the direction things have been going, this will most likely be my last year with ACen for a while. With the time demands that everything has, I've decided that I need to step back from the con staffing circuit and concentrate on other things, like the magazine and catching up on sleep. I've been staffing ACen for five years now, since the con first made its appearance in the suburbs of Chicago. It's not an easy thing staffing an anime convention. (Don't believe me? Ask a staffer at any anime con. If they say it's easy, they're lying to you.) It takes a lot of time, patience and energy to help run one of these things. Over the five years, I've had the great pleasure (or pain) of heading up the media production group at ACen. I've been able to work with a great group of folks in my time there. Some have come and gone, and some are still with the group. And some are brand new to staffing (and haven't a clue what they've gotten themselves in to.) To them all, I have to salute them and thank them for the good times. Of course, I'll still be making appearances at ACen even if I'm not on staff. Business and my online friends demand it. If you happen to be at ACen this year, look for the frazzled goofy looking guy with a headset on running between unknown locations and the con newsroom. That'll be me. :) If you don't see me, please be sure to get a good panel's worth of the likes of Ken Akamatsu of Love Hina fame or Toshihiro Kawamoto of Cowboy Bebop fame. That's a good reason to miss me. :)

The next con on the list will be Anime Expo. It's convienient and local. And again, friends demand it. This is the big one for industry contacts and press interviews. As I type this, there aren't any guests scheduled to appear yet, but there's still time before July, so that's not too much of a worry. July is the time to find out all the new things for 2003 and beyond from all the production companies. What do the companies have in store for us in the next year? Only the cons will tell.

Beyond the cons, there are some good things on the horizon. Lets start with the Apocalyptical Duo first. For all you Evangelion fans, Manga Entertainment has finally announced a date for the first part of the End of Evangelion DVDs. Evangelion: Death & Rebirth should be out by the end of June. Then, ADV has announced the ultimate Eva Box Set with the Evangelion Perfect Collection, all 26 episodes of the acclaimed TV series, available on April 9th. Looking for more destruction and potential world-endingisms? The big screen, smash hit Spriggan hits the streets on April 23rd. For those into bishounen angst and wings, the X TV series will be coming to the U.S. this fall. And speaking of wings, all you Escaflowne fans can rejoice. The Esca movie will be on the shelves in July... And that's just the next few months! Lots of good stuff coming. Now I just need to find time to sit down and actually do something about them all.

Hopefully I'll have time... I think I will. *crossing fingers*


See you in 30.



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