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2001-2003 Sunrise

Distributed by
Bandai Entertainment

Release Info
Vol. 01: The Lost Ground
Bilingual DVD
Dolby Digital
Run Time: 125 min
MSRP: $29.98
Street Date: July 15, 2003
Vol. 02: Alter Hunt

Bilingual DVD
Dolby Digital
Run Time: 125 min
MSRP: $29.98
Street Date: Sep. 2, 2003

Web Info
Official s-CRY-ed Site



Kazuma is a Native Alter User and the hero of our story. He's an aloof, kinda silly individual who loves to user her Alter power to help others, if the price is right. (And sometimes even when it isn't.) His Alter, the Shell Bullet, is a unique covering for his arm that gives him three "bullets" that he can punch at his opponents.

Mimori Kiryu

Mimori is the daughter of one of the major financers for the HOLD organization. She's also a scientific genius that has come back to The Lost Ground to study more about the Alters and to see her childhood friend Ryuho.


Ryuho is the lead member of the HOLY Alter team. He's very cold and emotionless, except when it comes to talk about his mother that was killed by an unidentified Alter when he was a child. He is very active in his role to "re-educate" the Native Alters and has a particularly high grudge with Kazuma. Ryuho's Alter is a human looking machine called Zetseui.

Kunihiko Kimishima

Kunihiko is easily equated with being Kazuma's agent. He's the one that finds the jobs for Kazuma that allows him to user his Alter. He's a good friend to Kazuma and is always there to run support for him on his missions. Kunihiko also has a string of bad luck with his vehicles, almost always having them destroyed by Kazuma's fights.

Kanami Yuta

Kanami is the person that ends up having to take care of Kazuma, making sure that he's doing what he should. She's Kazuma's voice of reason. Her actual relationship to Kazuma is unclear and she has a tendency to dream about the things that Kazuma is involved in.

Scheris Adjani

Scheris is the cute, genki member of the HOLY team. She's Ryuho's right hand and she not-so-secretly has a crush on him. She's prone to being jealous, especailly of Mimori when she's out with Ryuho. As of Vol. 1, her alter has yet to be seen...

Straight Cougar

Speed... speed... SPEEEEEEED! That's what Straight Cougar is all about. He's the local HOLY pretty boy that thinks that all girls will just fall in love with him. His Alter power, Radical Good Speed, allows him to adjust the speed of objects (he loves adjusting cars). He also has a horrible time remembering people names.

Martin Zigmarl

Martin was the first known Alter User and is the commander of the HOLY arm of HOLD. He's a soft-spoken individual that believes that the Native Alters need to be helped in order to survive in the world that hates and fears them.


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