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Now that you've heard a bit about the manga and the anime, it's time to meet some of the characters in the first set of episodes from Real Bout High School. Time for a Daimon High Role Call!

Ryoko Mitsurugi

The heroine of our story. Ryoko is trying to be a typical high school student who has, what she figures, the misfortune of being too tall and too popular. Ryoko's the ultimate samurai girl and the current K-fight champion. She also has a mysterious tie to what seems to be an alternate dimension where she must fight monsters and demons...

Hitomi Yuuki

Hitomi is Ryoko's support and her best friend. She's the intelligent one of the series, yet has a tendency to be rather clumsy.

Azumi Kiribayashi

Azumi is Ryoko's biggest competition. Very skilled in the art of swordfighting and fencing, her weapon of choice is a naginata (halberd). Always found with a smile on her face, she uses her gentleness to psych out opponents. In the anime, Azumi becomes Ryoko's way to further her study of the martial arts.

Shizuma Kusanagi

It's the Red Monkey of Ryoko's world! Shizuma is another of Ryoko's rivals. A transfer student from Kansai, he's new to the K-Fight system but fits right in.

Daisaku Kamiya

Daisaku is the ultimate Ryoko fanboy. He keeps all the info on the K-Fights and Ryoko in particular. Websites, computer stats, video footage... if it has to do with Ryoko, he's got it.

Takao Todo

Mr. Todo is the principal of Daimon High School and usually steps into the role of commentator when a K-fight is happening.

Natsumi Fujishima

Natsumi is the series K-fight announcer. When ever and where ever a K-fight is started, Natsumi and her camera crew will be there! She's very energetic and, as most announcers in situations like this, has a tendency to state the obvious while announcing.

Tatsuya Shishikura

Tatsuya is the object of Ryoko and Azumi's affections, which is another cause for tension between the two. He's a master in kendo and helps Ryoko master her martial arts skills.

Nanako Hishinuma

Nanako Hishinuma is the resident nurse at Daimon High. She's has the dubious task of repairing all the battered and broken students and teachers as a result of the K-fights. She's very quiet and soft-spoken.

Madoka Mitsurugi

Madoka is Ryoko's aunt, but because of the very small age difference between herself and Ryoko, Madoka insists that Ryoko refer to her a "Big Sister". Ryoko lives with Madoka while she's going to school. Like a typical "big sister", Madoka treats Ryoko like a little sister. Madoka is a nurse.




Real Bout High School Vol. 1

Reiji Saga - Sora Inoue/K-Fight Committee - Kids Station

Distributed by

Release Info
Bilingual DVD
Run Time: 100 min
MSRP: $29.99
Catalog #: TPDV-1372
Street Date: May 21, 2002



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