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By Dana Georgi

In the year 2045 everything seems to be as peaceful as ever in Tokyo. Science and technology are at a very advanced level. It is evident everywhere one can see from living and shopping spaces to transportation. This is particularly true for Hiroshi Ozora. Hiroshi is a scientific whiz kid that works in the Technology Development Department for the ZIC Corporation. Hiroshi has just developed a technology called the Mol-Unit. The Mol-Unit is a device that creates a dimensional barrier that can surround a human being, much like a suit of armor. Due to the nature of the dimensional barrier it is not bound by traditional physical laws. Thus allowing the Mol-Unit to be impervious to gun or missile fire or even travel at the speed of light. The user is able to control all of the various aspects of the Mol-Unit through the use of a brain wave input system. Basically, what you think is what you get.

Soon after Hiroshi finishes the Mol-Unit, an evil genius by the name of Professor Machinegal begins to terrorize the citizens of Tokyo with all sorts of terror-mecha in an attempt to prove his superior technological mind. This is Hiroshi's big chance to do what he has longed to do, become a superhero. Thus begins the adventures of Captain Tokyo. Little does Hiroshi realize that someone else is beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together about him and the mysterious origins of Captain Tokyo.

Mirai Ozora is Hiroshi's younger sister. She too was present at the initial appearance of Captain Tokyo and the strange parting of Hiroshi from his only set of good clothes which she finds later. Mirai soon discovers that Captain Tokyo and Hiroshi are one and the same. With this new information and discovering Hiroshi's work on the Mol-Unit, Mirai decides to use her creative fashion sense to reprogram Hiroshi's Captain Tokyo design into something that, well, let's just say Hiroshi would not be caught dead in it. Thus Mirai gets to be the cute, indestructible, powerful superheroine know as Moldiver.

Mirai and Moldiver are tested to the bitter end by Professor Machinegal and his myriad of terror mecha and specialized group of female android beauties. Professor Machinegal tries everything to achieve his goals and destroy that pesky Moldiver who has a habit of showing up at all the wrong moments. The harder Professor Machinegal tries the more Mirai and Moldiver have to do to stop him. But through all the problems that Professor Machinegal causes, Mirai still finds time to dream about being with the man she loves, Kaoru Misaki. Unfortunately for Mirai, Mr. Misaki has dreams of his own, dreams of one day going into space.

All in all Hiroshi, Mirai and Moldiver go from the frying pan into the fire more than once with Professor Machinegal always lurking in the background. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You also get to meet several other characters like Dr. Amagi the greatest Japanese physicists of his time and Hiroshi's mentor. There is also Mao Shirase a long time friend and beauty pageant rival of Mirai and Nozomu Ozora, Hiroshi and Mirai's younger brother. Whew! Well, with that explanation behind us.

Will Professor Machinegal achieve his evil goals?

Will Mr. Misaki get the chance to go into space?

Will Hiroshi ever clean his room?

Will Mirai ever get to show Mr. Misaki the new outfit that she bought?

You will only find out by watching Moldiver. Now, if you will excuse me I have a dimensional shuttle to catch. METAMORFORCE!





1993 AIC, Pioneer LDC

Distributed by
ADV Films

Release Info
Bilingual DVD
Run Time: 200 min
MSRP: $19.98
Catalog #: 11490
Street Date: April 24, 2001



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