Self-proclaimed genius manager Michael Hanagada will stop at nothing to make his pop idol girl group a success. Sakura, Himawari, Ayame and Yuri, the members of the pop group Mix Juice, will stop at nothing to make it in the music biz. And 13-year old boy genius scientist Dr. Susumo Tsukumo will stop at nothing to prove that the lunar landing in 1969 was a fake by launching his own ship to the Moon. Smash all this together and you have the recipe for insanity and major laughs in the Wacky Science Fiction Series, Wandaba Style!
by Timothy Georgi

Ever wonder if anyone is out there? Not aliens. I'm referring to readers. Sure, we try to keep this crazy little magazine going as best we can, but is anyone actually listening? Tim muses on the creative world and how to go on creating in a vacuum in Is This Thing On?
by Timothy Georgi


Set the wayback machine to 1991. High-tech battle armor, tank hijacking and big time butt whipping is the name of the game! It's classic anime time as we take a trip, fighting crime with Maki, Reimi and Yuka in the original hit movie, Burn Up!
by David Andrews


No one likes to admit it, but toy scalping can be painfully addictive. Hear James tell you the ups and downs of selling off things in the toy world with Tales of a Would-be Scalper.
by James Alsup III


It's fraggin' time here at Ionfuse. The year is 1964. The world is in some deep trouble as a top secret weapon has been in development by the Soviet Union and it's about to be unleashed on the world in the third installment of the highly acclaimed strategy game, Metal Gear Solid 3.
by Michael Moore

Battle fatigues and machine guns. Sector 7C ventures into video gaming with our first offering this month. It's another item from the Metal Gear Solid 3 family. James looks at the pros and cons of the latest toy from the MSG world with Snake.
by James Alsup III

Take a trip into the toy world of the 1980s as Ben muses on a toy long forgotten, but found again thanks to the advent of eBay. It's the Galactic Patrol Lensman Cycroader II. Just watch out for the ball bearings.
by Ben Nuñez

It's another shameless staff picture month as the Letterbox was empty all last month. We like to know how we're doing. We also like to answer questions. Let us know inside the Ionfuse Letterbox!

We have some great stuff on schedule for next issue. Come with us and take a look at more anime, manga and other goodies. You can find out what's coming in our March issue on IONext.

It's the remains of Comic-Con 2004 memories as we look at the first movie in the Inuyasha series. The demon Menomaru is loose and is poised to take over the world. Only Inuyasha, Kagome and company can defeat him. Can the power of Inuyasha and Kagome's bond transcend time to defeat the evil that could destroy the world? Find out in Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Through Time!
by Timothy Georgi
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Duck... or rather, a duck that longed to be a girl... Duck falls in love with a prince and one day is transformed by an old man into the waltzing Princess Tutu. Follow Duck as she must find the shattered pieces of her Prince's heart in the fantasy world of Princess Tutu!
by Michelle Vilanueva
Monsters are once again on the loose in Hyrule and Princess Zelda has been turned to stone by the evil sorcerrer Vaati. It's up to Link to find The Four Elements and find a way to break Zelda's curse. With the help of a talking cap, Link will travel the world over to save Zelda once again and defeat Vaati in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the GameBoy Advance.
by Michael Moore