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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Violent Reactions?

We like to hear from people who come by the site. If you have a question or comment about @anime! or just anything in general, from anime and manga to the meaning of life, this is the place where you can sound off! (Of course, if you do ask about the meaning of life, we defer to Douglas Adams. Our official answer is "42".) We'll do our best to try and answer all the mail we get in. Hech, your email may end up in our letters section in a future issue. Small Internet fame isn't a bad thing, ne?

Please be sure to leave us a valid email address so we can reply to your questions and comments. Thanks!



Are you a company?

Do you have items that you'd like @anime! to review? Excellent! We're here to help spread the word!

Please send screeners or PR materials to:

Attn: Tim Georgi
3214 North University Ave #434
Provo, UT 84604



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