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Ad Sizes & Rates

Note: All prices listed are on a per space/per issue basis.

Ad Type Ad Size (in pixels) Cost
Index - Content 336 x 280 $50.00
Index - Bottom 728 x 90 $40.00
Feature Article 120 x 600 $40.00
Article Pages 120 x 600 $25.00
@anime! Pages 120 x 600 $15.00


Want to advertise? Get yourself an ad!

Want to find a way to add more exposure to your business or website? Now is the time to advertise with @anime!. There are a few ways that you and your group can help support us.

We have several ad types that you can choose from for your advertising:

Index - Content (336x280 pixels) and Index - Bottom (728x90 pixels)
The Index ad spaces are the main ads on the contents page for each issue. The Index - Content ad is placed right below the feature article's information. This is the prime ad for each issue. The Index - Bottom ad is placed just above the footer on the contents page.

Feature Article (120x600 pixels) and Article Pages (120x600 pixels)
The Feature Article ad space is on the page for the current issue's feature article. Article Pages ads are available for all other article pages in the issue. Thees ads are placed on right side, under the interior content links section of the page.

@anime! Pages (120x600 pixels)
The @anime! Pages ad spaces are for the pages that are linked from the main header navigation. These ads are placed on right side of the page.


Ad Reservations and Payments

All ads are accepted on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to advertise in a future issue of @anime!, we ask that you please reserve your space with us before sending any payment. Once we receive your reservation, we’ll send you an invoice with payment instructions. New issues are typically released between the 15th and 20th of every month. All ad requests must be received before the 1st of the month for the upcoming issue. Invoices will be sent to advertisers on the 1st of each month. Payments must be received by the 10th. Payments that are received after the payment deadline will be delayed and rescheduled for the following issue unless otherwise specified by the advertiser. Since space is limited, if your requested space is not available, we will notified you by phone or email.


General Info & Specs

All advertisements will be online in the current issue until the next issue is released and then will remain on the pages in the @anime! backissue archives.

For speed and security reasons, we host all banners off our servers. All banners needs to be submitted to ads@atanime.com by the artwork deadline.

Please note that all advertising will be subject to final approval by Animetro Studios. We reserve the right to reject ads for any reason.


Thanks for your interest in advertising with @anime!

If you would like to reserve an ad space or have any questions, please send an email to ads@atanime.com or fill out our online reservation form.




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