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The Crew

Now, who's responsible for the insanity? Here's a little bit o' info on the crew:

Tim Georgi
Publisher/Editor/Creative Director/Writer/Taskmaster

Currently Watching: Gurren Lagann
Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XIV, Sword Art Online: Lost Song
Currently Reading: Evangelion: Angelic Days, Negima
Favorite Anime Titles: Azumanga Daioh, Fushigi Yuugi, Mononoke Hime, The Venus Wars... among many others
Favorite Food: Pizza or Pasta (if it's Italian, usually I'll eat it.)

Art Director and Web Designer by day, Loyal Minion by night, Tim has spent the last 26 years working in the media production field. Starting out as a television camera operator, he's spent time doing all sorts of strange and bizarre things in the work arena, from television production to comic coloring (check it out at Elfquest.com) and everything in between. In 1999, he had the crazy idea to start a little online anime magazine called @anime!. There have been plenty of ups and downs, but 18 years later (and at least 2 near-death experiences later), the insanity hasn't quite driven him into the asylum, but it could happen at any time. For the truly bored, you can go check out his personal site at www.atomicfoxtail.com or his webcomic, Beyond Neverwonder.




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