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In efforts to bring the best of the best to our readers each month, Animetro Studios is always searching for new blood to help with the production of @anime!. All positions are handled voluntarily by the members of the staff and we're in the process of setting up some small means of compensation for the members of the writing staff. But, we need your help! We're in the search for writers for all departments as well as Assistant Editors for several of our major divisions within the magazine. The divisions and their breakdowns are as follows:

Divisions Breakdown:

  • Features
    • Features
    • Commentaries
  • Anime
    • Anime
    • The Dub Files
    • RetroAnime
  • Manga
    • Manga
    • Comics
    • Reading Room
  • Media
    • CDspin (US and Japanese music)
    • Video Games
  • Fandom
    • Culture
    • fan.comm
    • The Con Suite

We're currently looking for editors for the Anime, Manga, Media and Fandom divisions. We're also looking for writers in all departments listed above.

If you're interested in one of the Editor positions or writer departments and want more information or would like to join up, please send an email to tim@atanime.com.

We also have our general submission guidelines available here for those that are curious.

Click here to see the Submission Guidelines




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