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Feature: Real Bout High School

Think your high school was insane? You'll think again after this issue's featured series. School's a battlefield as clubs take on clubs and teachers take on students! And in the middle of it all is our heroine, Kyoko, the top fighter and most popular student at Daimon High! It's martial arts hyjinks like you've never seen! Check it out in Real Bout High School!

Ah, an editorial... It's the official relaunch of @anime! Yep, we've returned to our original format and added a bunch of new staff and some new features. And all digitally remastered! (Check out the backissues... they're a lot cleaner and more uniform now.) Tim will talk about the current state of things, live from Anime Expo 2002...

Check out what's coming out on the anime waves in the months to come.

It's U.S. fandom from a Japanese perspective... In our new commentary column by Ryo Mukaiya, take a look at a Japanese Dude in L.A. as we present the first from The Art of Ryo-ism.

Watch your back for an ambush! Action and suspense is the name of the game this month as we take a look at the latest motion picture release from ADV, Spriggan!

It's time to dip into the archives of what once was as we examine a true gem of silly super hero action with Moldiver. METAMORFORCE!

It's the first part of another @anime! TripleTake as we look at the manga side of Great Teacher Onizuka.

Looking to do some shopping? It's time to hit the @animegastore! We'll give you some hints and tips on the hot spots in our series looking at anime shopping locations. For our first round, it's Shoppin' in Los Angeles! Little Tokyo, here we come!



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