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Samurai Gun Vol. 1: Cocked & Loaded
A group of samurai have banded toghther to combat the corrupt Shogun in 19th century Japan. Join Ichimatsu as he and his compatriots take justice to the next level in the gun-totin' action drama, Samurai Gun!
by Timothy Georgi  |  1
Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU Vol. 1: Full Metal Pandemonium
Kaname and Sousuke are back in a follow up to the smash hit Full Metal Panic. This time around, the school grounds are the venue for mayhem and everyone is gunning for our duo of destruction in the the latest FMP series, FUMOFFU.
by Michelle Villauneva  |  2
Video Games:
The Tamagotchi is officially a thing of the past. You can take on the responbsibilities for a whole kit and kaboodle of puppies in one of the most original ideas to come from Camp Mario. Grab your DS and a leash as you breed dogs to your heart's content in Nintendogs!
by Michael Moore  |  5
Video Games:
Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix
Welcome to the world's greatest skate event: The World Destruction Tour! You've been charged to join forces with skating ace Tony Hawk or the ultimate joker in the deck, MTV personality and skater extrordinaire, Bam Margera. Prepare to leave your mark on as many railings and curbs as possible in Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix for the PSP.
by Michael Moore  |  4
The Five Star Stories
Four solar systems are in a battle for control of the galaxy using the dreaded mortar headds. Only the elite pilots known as headdliners can control the awesome power of the weapons as the fight for the future kicks it up a notch in Five Star Stories.
by Michelle Villanueva  |  3
Video Games:
PlayStation Portable
It plays games. It play movies. It plays music. Heck, you can even surf the web if you feel adventurous. Take a look at the latest in portable gaming and entertainment goodness as Michael muses on the advent of the PlayStation Portable from Sony.
by Michael Moore  |  6
Way Out
What's that hat? Who's that a picture of? Where is that toy from? That's what we get to ponder in the latest look at random babbling from Editor-in-chief Tim as he muses on where the anime world has gone in his near 3-year absesnce from anime cons.
by Timothy Georgi  |  7
I Love the 80s
Ah, the 80s. A decade that is very dear to the hearts of many an anime fan. Tim takes a trip down amnesia lane as he looks at the world that once was and where we are today, 20 years later. It's the world of Punk Rock and Connecting Dynotherms in I Love the 80s.
by Timothy Georgi  |  8
Star Wars Celebration III
Take a trip with Rae as she heads off to the ultimate party for Star Wars fans. You'll get a glimpse of all the fun at the Star Wars Celebration III.
by Rae Goodman  |  9

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