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It's the Update-A-Series issue! How do you go about taking one of the most recognizable, highly successful anime series in history and updating it for the 21st century? You get a good portion of the original crew back together and let them loose, that's how. Yes, that's right folks, it's Bubblegum Crisis versus Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 in MegaTokyo... Then and Now.

New year, new look. Now that we have a lot of the bugs worked out of the design issues, we can start concentrating on other things. Editor Tim will be explaining some things with regards to Conflicts and Deadlines.


The Hypnotic Eye
Opinionated? The Hypnotic Eye will have something witty (or not) for you here. There's a place used frequently throughout anime. Nuclear explosions, battles.. just about anything happens there. It's Tokyo, and Gavv takes a look at the future of the most explosive city in anime.


The Shelf
Check out what's coming out on the anime waves in the months to come.


Anime review time! Interesting mix this month as we take on some releases in the DVDbin. But first up something from the darkness of the anime alley... It's a good fright in the Petshop of Horrors. Next, grab yourself some flowers as the duels begin! It's the first DVD release of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Then, take a backtrac look with a look at the DVD set of Serial Experiments Lain.

The Dub Files
The Dub Files offerings this issue feature some of the most intreguing musical styles as well as some very catching stories and animation. First up, take a trip back in time to South America as we explore the Inca Empire in Nazca. Then, it's your favorite space cowboy and friends as we are treated to the jazzy sounds of Cowboy Bebop.


Take Ranma 1/2 and place it in ancient Japan. Then throw in a few demons and you have the latest manga series from the mind of Takahashi Rumiko, Inu-Yasha.


Pull out your controllers folks! It's a strange combo on the game decks this issue. First we have the latest release from the RPG gods at Squaresoft, Final Fantasy VIII. Then it's a set of games featuring mice. Puzzle is the word for the fast-paced world of Chu Chu Rocket. Then, we can't have an issue without this. It's Pocket Monsters Gold. Finally we have mecha galore in Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram.



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