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...or the editorial nightmare.

Ok. All the holidays have come and gone. The Y2K bug was an overwhelming flop. January came and went and I'm still not sure where all the time went. I mean, I know what I was doing during all that time. And that brings me to the topic of my editorial this issue, deadlines and conflicts. It's never a fun thing to see a set of deadlines be set and then watch as things slip past. It's the worst nightmare for a magazine editor, myself included. In most cases, something seems to get in the way of things. That's where the conflicts come in.

For those of you who have been paying attention to us here, you'll probably note that releases of new issues has been spotty at best. It reminds me of a situation much like this over two decades ago. A husband and wife team started a crazy journey into the world of comic book publishing. They had started on a quarterly schedule. But, as typically happens in a new venture when you really are just making up the rules as you go along, things are kind of slow. Things with the aforementioned couple had done exactly that. Schedules were bumped back because of, well, because of those nasty conflicts that come up. It took a while for them to get the process down, but they stuck to it and now, 20 years later, that couple has turned a small, one title comic book into a multi-million dollar publishing company. Shows you what perseverance can do.

Now, I don't really think that @anime! will ever cause me to create a multi-million dollar company, but perseverance is the key. I want @anime! to be able to become a mainstay in the world of anime, a source where fans can look to get information on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to anime and manga. But, the road to that is not an easy one. A lot of late nights, hair pulling and bleary-eyed designing in front of the computer is a significant sacrifice to me, but it's all for the good of all anime fans everywhere. After all is said and done, it's worth it.

Now, what does that have to do with the topic at hand? Well, there are somethings that are going on here behind the scenes that I think the faithful readers of @a! deserve to know about. For the next few months, a lot is happening here in my non-editor life. As I talked about before in previous editdesk editorials, I'm currently in the middle of a comic book coloring project. That project is a rather high priority at the current time. It's got another two segments after the current one that I'm working on so there are at least two or three months that things will be sluggish. What this means is that the release of new issues of @anime! most likely will be on a delayed schedule. We try our hardest to get a new issue out once a month, and that is our ultimate goal, to release a new issue to you monthly. Right now, that's proving to be quite a task. So, to be fair to you, the readers, this is official notice that the schedule for @a! has possibilities of being rather sporadic. We will do all that we can to get a new issue out as close to the monthly deadline as we can. Conflicts in schedules will happen, but we'll preserver and will make it though this rough time and hopefully come out better for it in the end.

Thanks to all of you, our readers, for the understanding and support. Now, let's pass patience all around, we'll see you all next issue.


Till next time,

Timothy Georgi
Editor In Chief

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