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Sakura is home alone when she hears a noise in her basement. There she finds an unusual book and when she opens the seal, powers that have been trapped for hundreds of years are unleashed. Sakura must now recaputure them before they devistate the planet.

One of the most anticipated series to make its way to the small screens of North America this summer, Card Captor Sakura takes us on a wild ride as we follow Li, Tomoyo, Kero-chan and the Cardcaptor herself, Sakura, through their adventures to reclaim the mystical Clow Cards.

Step into the feature, tap a card and join in the fun and adventure. RELEASE!

No, we didn't disappear and we didn't die. Oh, where to begin... It's been a rough time over the last six months. Let me tell you all about it and where we'll be going from here. Tim steps back for Reflection...

Opinionated? The Hypnotic Eye will have something witty (or not) for you here. And oh is it witty this issue. Gavv, the keeper of the eye takes us through a before and after set with Lupin III:The Castle of Cagliostro. Also, something new for @a! Og's Discount Anime Review! You have to read it to believe it.

Check out what's coming out on the anime waves in the months to come.

Jazz music hits the big time as Cowboy Bebop finally makes its way to DVD. Check out the DVD version in this DVDbin look at the adventures of Spike and the crew of the Bebop.

It's backtrac time. Action and intrigue are buliding as the world of Nazca takes on more and more form. Is the planet destined for destruction to create the "perfect world"? Only time will tell as we look at Volumes 2 and 3 of the series. DVDbin section included.

Twists of fate and high drama marks this issue's manga review. From the mind of master artist and manga creator, Yuu Watase, it's a tale of bizarre proportions in Ayashi no Ceres.

Controller time again! This time around we have something unusual. You've been abandoned and are floating heplessly through space until you're finally rescued by the crew of a television network's ship. Years later, you're a TV news reporter and it's your job to battle the bad guys and cover the story! Tune in and see what's up on Space Channel 5.

As we look more toward the activities that make anime fandom what is it today, we take a look at one of the mainstays in convention going, the Cosplay. First up we'll look at a general overview of Cosplaying. Then, take a look at cosplay in action as Jenny takes a look at the Masquerade at Anime Central 2k. Finally, Ryan takes us into something bizarre... It's Gavv's Fan Production of the Month! Evangelion will never be the same.



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