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...or insanity abounds.

Ever come up with a totally insane idea and some how try to get it to work? Have you ever involved your friends in that insane idea? Yes, we've all done it at some point in life. (If you haven't yet, good chance your time is coming.) Why it happens, only the Zentradi know.

Now, I've had plenty of crazy ideas in the time I've been here on this interstellar rock known as Earth. What you see before you is the beginning of an idea that I've been tossing around for a few years. Only now have I gotten to the point where I'm ready to actually act on that idea. I've wanted to play publisher on something for years. I'd considered comics books, fiction novels, short stories... There's a long list.

Now, how did I end up starting with an anime magazine? I wonder that myself sometimes. As I reflect back on the other things on that list of possibilities, an anime magazine seemed to be the logical choice. Comic books require artistic talent. Although, with time, I could find that somewhere, I'm not the greatest artist in the world. (If anyone is looking for a professional stick figure artist, I know where you can find one.) Fiction writing, although enjoyable, took too much time and drained all my idea resources. Try coming up with something original and then the time to do it in is quite the task. Anime, on the other hand, is a very broad topic that I could get others involved with. Why keep all the fun to myself?

So here it is. The physical realization of that idea. My concept for @anime! began several years ago and has been relatively stagnant for the last few years. Now, @anime! has finally had the chance to evolve from my personal collection of anime pages to a full blown online magazine. Now, this is just Phase 1 of that evolution. In the plans for @a! is the eventual migration to a print magazine which will be published along side the online version. How that crossover will occur, only time will tell, but if everything works out correctly and the fates don't have it in for me, @anime! will see the newsstand shelves by the end of next year. With the support of the anime loving community, that will come to pass. And we all know how the genre is growing. From Battle of the Planets, Robotech and Voltron in the 70s and 80s to Pokémon, Sailor Moon and Dragonball on syndicated television in the 90s, anime as an artform AND as accepted entertainment in the United States is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Heck, Disney's even getting in on it. Maybe there IS hope (and money!) in the industry after all.

Til next time,

Timothy Georgi
Editor In Chief

P.S. Want to know what you can find in @anime!? Here you can find a list of all the sections that will be featured in @a!, from RetroAnime to The Shelf. Click the continued@ button below to see the list of stuff being prepared just for you.



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