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  The Hypnotic Eye


Ryan Gavigan is a long time anime fan, past Animerica columnist, a writer/producer of fan parodies under the banner of Magnum Opus Productions, and the producer of The Game Show, the anime trivia game show extravaganza held at various cons since 1994.

The inaugural installment of The Hypnotic Eye! will appear in the next issue of @anime!. Meanwhile, read my report on Otakon and enjoy the latest installment of Gavv's Top Ten List.

From the home office in Walesboro, IN

Top Ten Least Anticipated Spring 2000 anime television series

10. Saved by the Belldandy
9. Cigar Experiments Clinton
8. Yellow Submarine no. 9
7. Bubble Gum Crisis and AD Police: The New Adventures
6. Magical Russian Roulette World Windaria
5. Astroboy Meets World
4. Pocket Pool Monsters
3. Whack-A-Gundam
2. Tenchi Does Dallas

And the number one least anticipated Spring 2000 anime television series-

1. Anpan-man Beyond



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