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Editor's Note: Ionfuse was an experimental version of the @anime! concept that we had tried to get into a print and web version, expanding the content to things beyond anime, manga and video games. While there were good things that came out of the Ionfuse idea, in the end, we decided to revert back to the Japanese focus we had before the Ionfuse idea happened. As we remaster the old issues, there may be some mentions of Ionfuse by itself for a few of its issues, but is being rebranded as @anime! in the remastered versions. Just an FYI.


As a preface, this editdesk editorial (along with some of the other fun stuff in here) is all from our very first printed issue that made its appearance at Anime Reactor this last October. We know that a lot of you out there may not have had a chance to attend Reactor, so we're presenting in our first issue here online, the content from that "test run".


Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s mid July and I’m coming to you live from the Comic-Con International in sunny San Diego. This year as I’m sitting here waiting for the laptop to recharge its battery, I’m taking the opportunity to pound out some words from the show floor as I wait for the ADV Films panel to start.

First off, we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary of publishing this year. Yes, 5 years ago at Anime Expo 1999, @anime! the magazine first hit the web. It’s been a lot of fun and hard work to keep this mag going as long as it has. I’d like to publicly thank all the people that have worked with me on this crazy little venture over the years. Without all the help from various sources, from writers and artists, to all the people that read our words online, we’d not have been able to make it this far. It’s been a rough road so far with scheduling, production and the staff’s busy schedules, but overall, it’s been a great run so far and I’m very pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish. Who would have thought that after 5 years there would still be people willing to keep reading from our little corner of the web? My many thanks to the faithful fans who keep coming back. It’s because of all of you that we keep going.

Now, with this in your hands, you’re experiencing a new venture we’ve been working on here at Animetro Studios. It’s called ionfuse and it’s a place where all facets of the entertainment industry can come together in one location. That will allow us to keep bringing you the latest and greatest in anime and manga goodness, but will also bring in the worlds of comics, movies and music to join the anime, manga and video games that we cover in @anime!.

What does that mean for @anime!? Well, that’s something that’s still being figured out here on our end. We’ll be keeping the world informed as to the changes and updates that we’ll be going through here, so keep an eye on the @anime! site and on our Animetro site at www.animetro.com. Anything we have as far as plans will show up there.

Right now, we’re looking to pump as much stuff into ionfuse as we can to start making that the premiere place to go for all the info you need in the entertainment world.

One major thing we are planning this year is to debut our first printed issue at the Anime Reactor convention this October. We’ll be working with the Reactor staff to produce the Reactor program guide in conjunction with the very first printed issue of ionfuse as a convention exclusive. We’ll be featuring articles and reviews for things from the great line-up of artists and creators that will be appearing at the show. Our big set there will feature articles on series from the wide variety of Guests of Honor that will be appearing at Anime Reactor this year.

As I type this, the only place you will be able to get the first print issue will be at Anime Reactor. We’ll be looking into whether or not we’ll be able to get our hands on other copies that we’ll be able to sell to the public. (That’ll be determined on what our cost will be to get the stuff printed... and the number of advertisers we’ll be able to get our hands on.) If the reception to the print version is good, we’ll be looking into keeping the print version going in conjunction with the content on the new ionfuse site. We’ll know more as Reactor comes around.

Lots of good possibilities on the horizon. Keep an eye on our progress and we’ll keep everyone on top of it all as we get things nailed down here.

It’s time for that ADV panel, so I’ll catch you all later.




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