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Record of Lodoss War

Group SNE, Kadokawa Shoten, Marubeni Corp., TBS

Distributed by
Central Park Media

Release Info
DVD Box Set
Bilingual DVD
Dolby Digital 2.0
Run Time: 355 min
MSRP: $59.99
Street Date: July 9, 2002



by ParnsAngel

Huge dragons, hot elves, powerful sorcery and a clueless but sincere human thrown in the mix – what’s not to love?

Most of you know about Lodoss War. And if you don’t… c’mon already!! Let’s get to it here! It was made in 1990 by Ryo Mizuno, so it’s already 14 years old…about the age of some people attending anime conventions. And word has it that it was based on actual RPG sessions of Mizuno and his friends. Now how cool is that? Let’s see you make your next D&D campaign into a classic anime, complete with beautiful character designs and a stunning musical score!

Anyway, enough with the boring info stuff. History is for school and everyone knows we hate that! So how about a reflection on the series? Much more interesting, right? My first experience with Lodoss was in…1999, I believe, when Suncoast sent me the first chapter of the manga in the mail. Why? No clue. I guess it was destinyyyy! *sparkly eyes* But anyway, I read it, and thought it was pretty awesome cool! A bard sings you the setting at the beginning, and then it leads right into the story, with Deedlit and Parn and everyone else who’s totally awesome. There are three books in the Grey Witch series, and then there’s a Lady of Pharis series which, I admit, I haven’t read yet. I know, I’m ashamed! It just didn’t look like it had Deedlit in it, so I never picked it up. I’m such a Deedlit nut! Which is why I freaked out when I saw the manga Deedlit’s Tale, also by Mizuno, but drawn by a different artist. Also a very beautiful manga! But the best so far has been the Welcome to Lodoss Island series. You gotta pick this up if you haven’t already! All the characters are in chibi form and the jokes are hilarious! It parodies the OVA and TV series, including bad puns and even Monty Python jokes. Seriously! Monty Python! So go buy them! And support Lodoss! *thumbs up*

The fact that people are still cosplaying from this series is a testament to how timeless it really is. Some cosplays come and go, but I think Lodoss will be around forever! My first cosplay was Deedlit, and I’m still wearing it today (granted, it needs some updating. My sewing skills left much to be desired back in 2000!) and actually, there has been a Deedlit at every Anime Central I have gone to. Now isn’t that cool! Parn isn’t cosplayed much due to his armor, which is such a sad thing – I’d like to see more Parns out there! C’mon, I’ll make you cookies! Free cookies for Parn cosplayers!!!

But anyway, Lodoss is definitely a great series, and it’s continually growing in popularity with the new manga that are coming out. So when you see something Lodoss, go buy it! Because Lodoss is awesome! And be sure to say hi to Mizuno at Anime Reactor when you see him!



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