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by Timothy Georgi

Now, this here is going to be less of a review and more of a recommendation. Most times in the comics world, the comic comes first and then some marketing dood makes the prophetic suggestion, “Hey! Let’s make this into a cartoon! Kids’ll love it!” It’s very rare when a cartoon series comes first. It’s even more rare when you can find a cartoon series that translates well back to a comic book.

Fortunately for the Teen Titans, it’s a story that has had its share of comic tales in the past. When they brought the story concept to the small screen, it was great. Now that the guys at DC Comics have taken the big step “backwards”, the fun and adventure of the Teen Titans cartoon have made it into the hands of greedy comic book readers the world over.

Based on the TV series stories and artwork, the production team for TTG! bring a fresh aire of originality to the cartoon characters. J. Torres is a master at working the fun pieces of the TV storylines and expanding on them to make the comics a whole adventure in itself. The various artists that are working on the conic version have kept true to the designs of the cartoon version, yet are able to give their own flare to the characters.

If you’re looking for some good fun in a comic book, check out Teen Titans Go! It’s a blast and a half! And there’s always some pizza around. Aw yeah!



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